Serenity is a placee we grow and cook Food from our Own Garden. Our Garden spreads over Many Teraces and gets more and more full of Plants and Trees. Following the Idea of Permaculture we close Circles as much as possible. We opitimize our EcoFootprint and run the Finca in Harmony with the Nature.

Following this Principles we Build many things on a creative way from some used stuff. We run a Solar System with Power Outlets in all Buildings on the Finca. Our Watering infrastructure is build by many tousand Meters of Watering Pipes and different Solutions for different Situations. We run a Biogas System for producing our own cooking Gas. In our Killn-Pit we produce our own Charocal. We produce our own Compost and with a Worm Farm liquid Fertilizer. Things like Compost Toilets and Graywater Clearing are urgent peaces in this big Puzzle.


do more learn more stay long


You can Volunter for Time and dive a bit in the Finca Live


If you like to learn about permaculture, ecobuilding, vegan kitcchen.. if you like to understand what to do to get all this on the run.. you should stay for a long time with us and share our partly hard day by day live. Over the Time you get in touch with differet situations and learn to understtand many situations and handle the outcoming problems.
Depending on the finca year we emake workshops like tree crafting you can join.

We are not a permaculture school.. and we are not the right for tetaching you about permacultural basics.. We are the Place you can learn how to bring this all to life,, how to run such a project..

As a student you sleep in a shared room, manchmal ist auch nur eine übernachtung im zelt möglich. You can use they shared resources like kitchen, bath as all others.. You are welcome at all meals..

As Part of your live on the finca you take over the responsibility for regulary tasks like compost moving, dog feeding.. you join our daily gajofer and also take over some special tasks if needed. We expect you work al least 5 hour / day..

You have to stay at least 6 month
Also if you are Welcome to support our project with a donation.. going this way means also giving any regulary income away, start to stay on his own feats and going a hard way. Therefore we dont ask you for any money.. helping us running this project on the above parameters is what we expect in exchange.


Beside of the fact ou can Enjoy your Time in a phantastic naturaal enivronement. you can also learn and understand many things about all this things described above plants seeds, vegan kitchen and much more.

Sharing plays in our thinking also a big Role.. If we welcome you as Volunteer means this not just we offer ou a bed, we share with you our Garden, our Food and all our other Resources. You stay in your own separate one-room-house. We are happy if you join our daily gajofer, we start in the morning at 9:00 by doing our daily tasks for running the project and offer at the end a common lunch. In this time you can lrearn many about the daily life on a self-sufficient finca. Its also a good time for sharing our toughts and ideas with other people on the same track as you.

If you like to volunter,, you can apply for at least 2 weeks. We will inform you about the avaiabiity. In Exchange for this and as piece for Financing this Project we ask for 15€ per Day.

Basics about our Place

Serenity is in the Mountains over Tijarafe. Our Area spread over a Range from 820 till 910 Meter Altitude. All Our Buildings and Infrastructure is Spreaded over this. The shortest path directs you many times over pure Rock and Terrace Walls.

To reach the next Village, Tijarafe you have to go down to the main road 650 m (150m Altitude) and follow for 3 km.. The way back is hard and you don't like to do this every day.

The Sea is near.. just 2500m Airline.. But, to walk down to the next access point you have to walk straight down for more then 2 Hours or you go to Tazacorte a real Beach, you have to take a bus from the main Road and Drive with them for an half hour. You don't like to do this every day.

Our Main Focus stays on

  • Restore and Renew the Old Finca and Infrastructure
  • Running an Developing a permaculture Garden/Food Forest
  • Running a Vegan Food Truck to Bring our Idea of healthy grown food to the people

We have many different Tasks, Building, Gardening, Kitchen.. so be sure there is for everybody a task.. but remember there are things they have to get done, so we can not always just do what we like.

Next on the complete Area you can use our wifi internet connection. Power Outlets for charging the Mobile and so on are next in every Room. We are Solarpowered with a limited Capacity.. don't bring an electric water heater or something like this.

If this is all fine for you, let's start the conversation with the date you plan to arrive.