With us

If you want to support our project and our vision, you have the opportunity to work with us for a longer period of time as a volunteer or an intern. With a tree sponsorship, you can help us to grow our garden.


Volunteering in La Palma: Join Us to Learn and Share

If you want to learn about permaculture, eco-building, and vegan cooking; if you want to understand what it takes to launch a project like ours, then consider staying with us for an extended period and sharing in our sometimes challenging working life. Over time, you’ll encounter different situations and learn to understand and address the issues that arise.

We are not a permaculture school, and we are not the right place to teach you the fundamentals of permaculture. However, we can provide insights, and you can learn how to bring such a project to life and manage it.

Sharing is a fundamental part of our philosophy. When we welcome you as a volunteer, it means more than just offering you a bed; we share our garden, our food, and all other resources with you. Our workday typically starts at 9:00 in the morning and concludes with a communal lunch. During this time, you can gain valuable insights into daily life on a self-sufficient finca. It’s also an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow volunteers.

If you wish to assist us, you can do so as an intern or as a volunteer. We’re eager to share our space, knowledge, and experience with you. Please understand that this arrangement works best if you can stay for at least one month, or at least six months for an internship. For travelers, there is an option to rent accommodation to get a glimpse into our life. If you prefer a shorter stay, you can find information about our accommodations here.

We speak German and English, and we are constantly improving our Spanish. Joanna also speaks Polish.

If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact us!

You can also find us at https://wwoof.es/de/host/50736


Adopt a Tree in La Palma: Support Our Ecological Vision

Do you want to support our vision and ideas? Adopt a tree with us and take on a sponsorship!

Following the principles of permaculture, we plant at least 70 percent native trees and shrubs. Additionally, we plant fruit trees suitable for the climate to create a food forest.

You are welcome to support us in this project by adopting the sponsorship of a tree. Of course, you are always welcome to visit your tree on our finca. Supporters from afar will be kept informed about the condition of their tree with photos. For companies, we also ask for the possibility to support us on a larger scale.

In order to cover the maintenance costs, we calculate an annual sponsorship fee ranging from €30 to €90, depending on the type and needs of the tree.

If you are interested in sponsoring a tree, feel free to contact us! Support our ecological vision by adopting a tree in La Palma