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Apart from our culinary delights, you have the opportunity to spend a few days of your vacation in one of our accommodations. We also organize workshops and events at irregular intervals.


Accommodation in La Palma: Your Gateway to Natural Beauty

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Isla Bonita while enjoying comfortable accommodations in La Palma. Our lodging options are your ideal base for exploring this enchanting island. Nestled in the heart of nature, our accommodations offer breathtaking sunsets and starry skies that will leave you spellbound.

La Palma is a hiker’s paradise, and our accommodations provide easy access to numerous hiking trails, including the famous LP 10 trail, starting right from our doorstep.

The charming village of Tijarafe is a short distance away, accessible either by a picturesque hiking trail or a convenient drive. While in Tijarafe, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the historical Pirate Bay.

Our La Palma accommodations not only offer comfort but also immerse you in the island’s natural wonders. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast, a stargazer, or simply someone seeking a nature-filled escape, our lodging options are tailored to enhance your La Palma experience.

Book your accommodation in La Palma with us today and make the most of your visit to La Palma, where nature’s beauty awaits at every turn.

The following accommodations are available:


Small natural stone house with about 10 m², with 140x190cm bed, wood stove, closet and small garden.

Cost per night: from 20 Euro

Number of guests: 2


Small clay house with large glass door, about 8 m², with 120×180 bed, clothes rail, chest of drawers and wood stove.

Cost per night: from 20 Euro

Number of guests: 2

When you stay with us, you’ll have the convenience of free Wi-Fi available in all of our rooms. Additionally, we extend a warm invitation for you to make use of the main house amenities, which include access to the communal kitchen and a shared bathroom equipped with a solar-powered shower.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and your well-being, we proudly offer a complimentary vegan breakfast prepared with locally sourced and organic ingredients, all included in the room rate. It’s a wholesome and eco-conscious way to start your day.

Should you wish to join us and our dedicated volunteers for lunch, we welcome your company. Please feel free to inquire with us about this option, which is available for a fee and can be arranged in consultation with our team.

We want your stay to be not only comfortable but also environmentally conscious and filled with delicious, locally inspired cuisine. Explore our offerings and make the most of your visit with us.


Events: Discover Enriching Experiences at Our Finca

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating events and engaging workshops hosted at our picturesque finca. At irregular intervals, we curate a diverse range of events and workshops designed to inspire and educate. To stay updated on upcoming events and their exciting content, follow us on Instagram, where we provide detailed announcements and insights.

Our events are crafted with a commitment to enriching lives and fostering a deeper connection with nature and sustainable living. Whether you’re interested in permaculture, eco-conscious practices, or simply seeking a unique and immersive experience, our finca events offer something for everyone.

Join us in these enriching gatherings and workshops, where you can learn, connect, and be part of a community dedicated to positive change. Stay tuned on Instagram, and be prepared to embark on a journey of discovery and growth at our beautiful La Palma finca.