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Serenity: Our Permaculture Finca

We are pleased to welcome you to our website and share our story of Serenity with you, our fascinating finca brought to life through the principles of permaculture. Here, in the heart of a lush oasis at 850 meters above Tijarafe, we transform an area that has been left uncultivated for over 40 years into a paradise of health and taste.

The Rebirth of Serenity: Permaculture in Action

Serenity was an abandoned piece of land, but our passion for permaculture drove us to take control. The result? An environment where biodiversity thrives, and we produce tasty and nutritious fruits and vegetables. What makes Serenity so unique? Its remote location, far from any source of pollution such as pesticides or agricultural chemicals, allows for natural and healthy growth of our products.

From Terrace to Table: Healthy and Sustainable Cuisine

Our hard work is reflected on the table. We proudly harvest the fruits of our efforts in the terraced gardens and transform them into delicious culinary delights. These treasures of the earth are the main ingredients of our dishes served in the Veganoteca and during our Garden Dinners. Freshness and sustainability are at the core of each of our culinary creations.

Become Part of Nature: Workshops, Events, and Opportunities

It’s not just the land that thrives here. We regularly organize workshops and events to share our knowledge of permaculture and sustainable farming. Additionally, we offer small yet comfortable accommodations for travelers who wish to fully immerse themselves in the Serenity experience. And if you’re interested in contributing to our project, there’s an opportunity to join us as a volunteer or intern to learn and share your passion for sustainable farming.

Contact Us and Visit Us!

We are excited to share our permacultural adventure with you. Explore our website for more details, contact us for information, and come visit us at Serenity. We look forward to welcoming you into our world of beauty, sustainability, and authentic flavors. Welcome to Serenity!